Solo-Leveling Season 2 Chapter 144

A South Korean web novel “Solo Leveling” was written by Chugong. On the comic and digital fiction platform KakaoPage this anime had been serialised on July 25, 2016 and later released by D&C Media.

Solo-Leveling Season 2 Chapter 144 Release Date:

Solo-Leveling Chapter 144 The publication date is set for Thursday, 18 March 2021. The exact date and time of publication may vary in different time zones around the world. This is a fair assumption of the existing adjustment plan. If there are any changes in Chapter 144 regarding self-alignment, we will definitely update this article.

Where can you read Solo-Leveling??

Manhwa’s current solo-leveling reading platform is Kakao Page Magazine. Since Solo does not have an official online reading platform for all other fans around the world, the Reddit online theme is the best solution. Solo Leveling 144 is also available in English for this topic.

More About Solo-Leveling Season 2 Chapter 144:

The “gate” that connected the earth to the world of magic and monsters had been opened 10 years ago. In order to fight certain dangerous animals, ordinary people obtained superhuman powers and became known as “hunters”. Sun Jin-woo’s 20 year old student is a Hunter, who is parodied as “the weakest in the world”. Even so, he continued to hunt monsters to pay off his mother’s medical bills.
No one knows why John Dumas woke up in the hospital three days later, but suddenly all his karma was cancelled. The addiction diary required Jin-Wu to complete an internship at times that were unrealistic or to face the consequences. He initially refused to work with the program because of its thoroughness, but eventually found that it could benefit him in the long run.

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Chapter 143 summary:

That gate appeared ten years ago and connected the real world with the world of magic and monsters. Ordinary people were given super powers to fight these evil beasts and were called “hunters”. Sun Jin Wu, 20, is one such hunter, but is known as the “world’s weakest” because of his pitiful strength compared to the lowest E rank. However, he was constantly following his mother’s medical bills at the low tier gate.
But that sad way of life changed when Jin-Wu – who thought he was the one who died on a very wrong mission – woke up three days later and found a strange screen in front of him. This “Quest Protocol” required Jin-Woo to undertake an unrealistic and intense training program or punish appropriately. Jin-Wu initially refused to comply with austerity measures, but soon discovered that he was simply one of the most feared hunters in the world.