Solo Leveling Season 2

If you are looking for a change from traditional Japanese anime series to binge, Solo Levelling is what you should consider watching! Solo Levelling is a Korean web novel series. Chu-Gong written novel released by the name Only I Levels Upin English. The web novel originally published in 2015. The web novel gained so much popularity that, the fans rolled out a petition for the release of its animated adaption. The novel is famous for its gripping storyline and exceptional narrative. 

About Solo Levelling:

The story commences with the appearance of “the gate”. This connected the two worlds of humans and mystics and monsters. Looking at the situation, some people receive superhuman powers to fight these monsters. These people are known as the ‘Hunters’. Sung Jin-Woo is one of these hunters. But, he is the world’s weakest hunter. His powers are lower as those of the other hunters in the realm. However, he fights the monsters with all his might, to pay his mother’s medical bills. One day, in a battle, Sung Jin-Woo receives fatal injuries. His comrades leave him to die, as everyone considers him a puff. This is from where the lifestyle of Sung takes a turn.

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He wakes up in a hospital after being unconscious for three days. He sees a floating screen in front of him with the list of quests he has to complete. These quests are nothing but a list of a vigorous training program designed to uplift his skill sets. If Sung fails to comply with the schedule, he will have to handle a substantial punishment. Initially, looking at the list, Sung is reluctant to undertake the program. But, with time he realizes, that the training, will make him one of the most feared hunters of this realm. The story progresses as we see Sun Jin-Woo develops his powers. In one of his quests, he also defeats Ant King, without using his full ability.

Solo Levelling, Season 2 Updates:

The show gained a cult following from across the world. The fans are desperately waiting for another season. Everyone wants to see Sun becoming the world’s best hunter. However, there is no official announcement from the producers regarding season 2. But, according to some sources, the second season will reach the fans by 2021.