solo levelling chapter 134

When monsters attack the city, Sun Jin Wu runs into Yo Myung Han. Yoo Myung-Han revealed that, like Sung Jin-Woo’s mother, he had an illness. He wanted to keep it a secret and Sun Jin-Wu helped him heal his illness. He asked Sun Jin-wu to tell the truth, but Sun was still thinking about what to choose between his family and telling the truth. Back in the present, monsters still destroy everything.

They kill people and no hunter or strongman can stop them. Entire cities were destroyed with the destruction of buildings and blood flowing. Reporters in the sky reveal that monsters are trying to eradicate all traces of humanity. You also consume people. The biggest giant monster seemed to be guarding the gate only, so the others could be amazed.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 134 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 134 will be out on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Note that a new chapter of the manga is published every Thursday. You can get the latest updates from the previous chapter from the link below. Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 133. Spoilers for next chapter are not yet available. You can see the summary and how to read this manga below.
Reporters believe that the giant bearded monster is waiting for someone or just holding the gate. If you look closely at the giant bearded monster, it looks like he’s not alive. The bearded monster stood like a statue with a lightsaber that could kill humans instantly. Then the monster tried to breathe and move, but it was like a robot showing that it was still alive. Reporters are shocked to note everything that happened.

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It was revealed that of the 31 giants that came out of the gate. Only the two were knocked out and the reporters wondered how much time had passed since the Dungeon erupted. A reporter announced that it had been two days since the dungeon break. They worried about whether someone could stop the monsters before they had done too much damage. Meanwhile, Yo Jin-ho was surprised to hear that Sun revealed to Jin-Wu that he was going to Japan.

The Last Battle

After a minute of silence, he reveals that he was joking about going to Japan. She couldn’t go there at such a time and asked Jih-H0 to return home after she finished her work. Jin-ho noticed that Sun was trying to fill it, but he let it be. As Sun walked down the street, he found that he had not used his soldiers in the shadows during his final battle. The architect was almost as strong as him, even though he was over 100 levels up.

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Now he knows that there are many who are stronger than him. He believes that if he goes to Japan, he will understand the solution to his problem.