Somebody Feed Phil Season 4

“Somebody Feed Phil” season 4 will immediately hit the Netflix screen. There are two types of people in this world: wanderers and food. When do you ask someone what they like? I am sure that 90% of people love traveling and exploring. Also, 97% will say they love to eat and the rest 3% are hardcore gym addicts.

Also, what if you ask what kind of job have you dreamed of? I thought to travel and food income would be at the top of the list, and I’ll say the same thing today. We present to your attention a documentary film about the journey on American television by Philip Rosenthal “Somebody Feed Phil”.

Release Date

Netflix’s food and travel show “Somebody Feed Phil” returns for its fourth season on October 30, 2020. With the new season approaching, viewers will experience the culture and cuisine of Singapore, Hawaii, the Mississippi Delta, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro. Netflix launched its first season on January 12, 2018, introduced Phil, traveled the world, enjoyed a variety of foods and cultures, and showed them on camera. A total of six episodes are there in the first season of the show. In addition, the second season appeared shortly after July 6, 2020, and consisted of 6 episodes. Also, the third season lasted for a while and was released on May 29, 2020. The fourth season after the previous model is already reflected in the third. So, soon we will see the fourth season, October 30, 2020.

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About the show

“Somebody Feed Phil” combines his love of food and travel with unique humor. Each episode follows Rosenthal and surrounds the urban cuisine featured in the episode.
Netflix was inspired by the movie “Somebody Feed Phil” from season 5 “Everyone loves Raymond”. This sitcom aired in 1996 and was a great success.
Season 4 follows season 3, which was premiered on Netflix on May 29 and is a sequel to Season 3 with stops in Marrakech, Chicago, London, Seoul, and Montreal.

Awards And Nominations

Someone Feed Phil has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards in the following areas:
• Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program
• Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music

” Somebody Feed Phil” also received a real TV award for the Top Reviewer’s Journey / Adventures 2020 series. In addition, Phil describes Somebody Feed Phil as “more intelligent and human than other Netflix cooking shows,” and Phil was called “There is more fun than others.”
Hopefully, someone will feed Phil when the trip is lost due to the epidemic. To bring back this nostalgia and at least feel that it will soon return to normal.