Song Exploder Season 1

Netflix will be coming up with a new series called “Song Exploder” which will be based on the podcast of the same name. It was created by Hrishikesh Hirway back in 2014. He was the host for the podcast for many years. In 2019, Thao Nguyen was invited to be the guest host and Hirway went on to be the executive producer. The show was a brilliant creation and it explored music in a way that is very rarely seen. Musicians come on this show to discuss the creative process and effort that goes into each song.

They also offer to deconstruct their songs to get a closer look into them. The songs that are analyzed are not from the same genre. The ranges of the songs are from pop to hardcore punk. They even include television theme songs and film scores as well. There are 177 episodes of this podcast. The said podcast was first launched by the network called “Maximum Fun” but by the year 2015, the podcast was independent. The show joined Radiotopia after a couple of years.

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The podcast has received quite a number of notable guests such as The Roots, Solange, Lorde, and Brittany Howard. Bjork, Metallica, U2, Spoon, and Iggy Pop have also been a part of the show. When it comes to television programs, the podcast has devoted time to deconstruct Songs of Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight, and the House of Cards. Among the music scores, the notable mentions are The Imitation Game, Black Panther, and Avengers. The video Watch Dogs also had a spot on the show and the songs were deconstructed.

This is a beloved podcast and “Vulture” had once announced it to be the best podcast ever.

What about the show on Netflix?

The upcoming exciting show on Netflix will have Hrishikesh Hirway and Morgan Neville on the team. The show will be released in the coming month of October. As with the original podcast, the show will remain devoted to the deconstruction and the inception of the most popular music of our days.