Sonic the Hedgehog 2

A game development company called Sega had published a video game called Sonic the hedgehog. And now, there is an action-adventure movie based on it. The film has the same name, and it is directed by Jeff Fowler. Pat Casey and Josh Miller have written the script. The movie shows Sonic as he partners with the sheriff and tries to find his rings while trying to evade Dr. Robotnik. It was released in January of this year. The film was a huge hit, and ever since then, fans have been wondering about a potential sequel. Viewers would love it if creators made a Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The film that has been released in January was in development since 2014. This movie based on the Sonic game franchise has suffered through many delays, and finally, it came to our screens in 2020. The film also shows a change in design, but almost everyone welcomes this decision. There is a unanimous agreement that this change was for the better. Ben Schwartz has played the role of the hedgehog with Jim Carrey taking on the role of his nemesis, Dr. Robotnik. James Marsden has played the supporting role of the sheriff of Green Hills. This is essentially a family-friendly movie and everyone can enjoy it. There is also scope for a sequel so the fans still have some hope.

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Will there be a part 2?

Paramount has given its all when it comes to this movie. It has even delayed the film and taken the time and effort to substantially change the design of the character. This was done so that there would be a maximum chance of success for this movie and it seems that this gamble was worth taking as it has paid off. The movie has managed to earn $300 million with a budget of only $85 million. Such a huge success can only guarantee a sequel and sure enough, on 28th May, Paramount along with Sega Sammy has announced that there will be a sequel. The former directors will be making a return for this sequel.

When will this movie release?

The sequel will be out by 8th April 2022.