south park season 24

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have created an American situational comedy named “South Park”. It is developed by Brian Graden for broadcasting in Comedy Central. This series is popular because of the dark humor and surrealistic depictions. South Park is by no means for kids and the satirical content is mainly targeted for a mature audience. This show was inspired by two different animated shorts named “Spirit of Christmas”. These shots were the precursors for South Park. The pilot episode was created by the cutout animation method and the subsequent episodes are made with keeping that feature in mind. The computer animation techniques used in the later episodes emulates the previous cutout technique. The show had first made its debut on 13th August 1997, and it has 23 seasons till now. There are 307 episodes in total and each episode has a runtime of about 22 minutes.

South Park has been a great success and has won many awards. It has received about five Primetime Emmy Awards. Every list of great TV shows latest mentions, South Park, once. T V guide announced that this show was the greatest animated show in 2013.

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What is the show about?

The story of South Park follows the adventures of four boys named Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. These boys live in Colorado but within the fictional place called South Park. Everyone in the show seems to agree that South Park is indeed an uninteresting place to live. The show included actual Colorado landmarks and fictional schools, bus stops, and neighborhoods. The boys start out in the third grade and step up to the fourth grade as the show progresses.

This adult animated program will remain evergreen.

What about the next season?

The 24th season was confirmed in 2019. The popularity of South Park has not lessened throughout the years so the news wasn’t a surprise. But, unfortunately for the fans, South Park does not have a release date till now. But there is good news to balance it out. South Park has been renewed for season 25 and 26 too.