space force season 2

Greg Daniels and Steve Carell have developed a comedy show named “Space Force”. The show is concerned with the establishment of another sector of the United States Armed Forces, i.e, The United States Space Force. The show is focused on the very group of people who are responsible for its construction. We only have one season of the show till now, and it came out on 29th May 2020. The first season consists of ten episodes with each episode spanning for about half an hour to 36 minutes.

The first season didn’t do very well with the critics. The blend of satire and earnestness didn’t present itself in a good way and the all-star cast couldn’t save it. The whole show didn’t stay within the comedic orbits. “Space Force” only has a 38% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It didn’t fare well in Metacritic either, the show only had a score of 49 out of 100. Steve Carell’s performance is noteworthy, he plays a character who is unaware of his own faults and does so with comedic perfection. But the star-studded cast may have given sky-high expectations that the show couldn’t meet in the end. It can be termed as a “good” show but not something that is brilliant.

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What is the story about?

The show is centered on the people with the responsibility of building the sixth branch of the Armed Force of the States. Mark Naird happens to be the Space Force General, and he also aspires to get boots on the moon by the year 2024. Doing so is the president’s orders.

What about the next season?

Unfortunately for fans, we do not have any specific details at this point in time. Greg Daniels shared with the media that there are no specific plans for the show and that is kind of a wait-and-see situation. Season one was released this year in the month of May, and the coronavirus pandemic is still raging on. It is extremely difficult to say anything about the release dates of season two. There is no official announcement of the matter.