Special Season 2

An American streaming television series “ Special” was created by Ryan O’Connell. The series was established on the biography of the 2015 show “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves” which was Ryan’s journey.

Occurred in a highly craved Emmy nomination in a short form category. And a green light from the streaming monster for Special season 2. Ryan O’Connell’s illustrating semi-autobiographical story was well earned by subscribers all over the world. And many of them must be fascinated for Special season 2. Therefore, it will be fascinating to watch what O’Connell has in stock for fans in the Second Season of Special and how long will it take to arrive on Netflix.

About Season 1

The series “Special” is a unique and uplifting new series about a gay man, Ryan. With favorable cerebral palsy Ryan agrees to rewrite his personality and finally go after the life he wants.

Release Date of Season 2

Till now, no official announcement has been made regarding the hugely anticipated second season of “Special”. The renewal status of the show was announced in December 2019. Whereas, the scripts were being finished in January 2020. After that, the production has been put to halt due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Therefore, it’s not safe to assume that the show will arrive anytime soon. It seems that “Special” Season 2 will be broadcasted in 2021 on Netflix.

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Major Casts and Characters


• Ryan O’Connell as Ryan Hayes
• Jessica Hecht as Karen Hayes
• Punam Patel as Kim Laghari
• Marla Mindelle as Olivia
• Augustus Prew as Carey
• Patrick Fabian as Phil

Guest Stars

• Kat Rogers as Caitie
• Jason Michael Snow as Keaton
• Brian Jordan Alvarez as Shay
• Gina Hughes as Samantha

Anticipated Plotline for Season 2

The First Season of the series “Special” is already too hot to deal with. So, Ryan O’Connell had already pledged to level up season 2 of “Special”. Ryan had also indicated that his character would proceed to face efforts surrounding his disability and identity. Ryan and his Overprotective mommy had soured their connections after committing in a heated argument by the end of the first season. Therefore, we can expect to see Ryan And his mother patch things up in the Second Season. O’Connell also promised fans for more gay Sex in Season 2 of “Special”. The first season of the series only carried out 15 minutes episodes and now it’s not sure if Season 2 will follow the same format or not.