Special Season 2

The “Special” thing about Netflix is a complicated series that deserves credit.

The drama series starring Ryan O’Connell received three Emmy nominations after being released in 2019 and won the Short Form New Media Award – Original Award from the Writers Guild of America.
“Special” is a semi-autobiographical show that tells the story of Ryan Hayes, a gay young man with cerebral palsy who finally decides to commit suicide.
Thanks to the huge success of the first season, Special’s future looks great. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix “Special”.

Is “Special” Been Renewed For Season 2?

YES! Thanks to the great success of the first season, officially updated by Netflix, especially for the second season! Netflix announced an extension in December 2019.

What Is The Plot Of “Special” Season 2?

Speaking to EW, the versatile writer and actor announced that he will be hiring more writers for the second season.
O’Connell also revealed that his character will continue to face difficulties related to identity and disabilities.
She still has a lot of problems with disabilities, and not all of them are free and impossible.
Ryan and his overprotective mother somehow worsened their relationship after having a big fight until the end of the first season. We can expect Ryan and his mum to make things right for the second season.
The first season only aired 15-minute episodes, and it’s uncertain whether the second season will follow the same format.

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Cast & Crew Members For Season 2:

Ryan O’Connell returns as his semi-autobiographical character Ryan Hayes. Other characters are expected to return, including Jessica Hecht as Karen Hayes (Ryan’s mother), Punam Patel as Kim Lagari (Ryan’s girlfriend), Marla Mindel as Olivia (Ryan and Kim’s boss), August Preu as Carrie (one of Kim’s best friends) and Patrick. Fabian as Phil (Karen’s love interest).

Release Date Of Special Season 2:

At the time of writing, there is no official release date as of yet. It should also be noted that the team has stopped production due to the coronavirus, so delays may occur.
The production team managed to record four of the eight episodes and Ryan O’Connell “full-time” edited them during the quarantine.


Since everything is still in the production stage, it’s impossible to tell. Snippets are often released a month before the premiere. Since you can enjoy the trailer for “Special” Season 1 while waiting.

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More About Special Season 2:

The “Special” is based on the treatise “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Each Other” (2015), written by Ryan O’Connell.
The show is based on his own experiences as a gay man with cerebral palsy.