A new film about Princess Diana is coming out. And here’s all we know about so far. If you missed The Crown, we have great news for you. News of the upcoming Spencer film starring American actress Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana has been revealed. Diana fans will surely know that the film’s name is Princess Diana’s maiden name, and the film must follow a very brief but important moment in Diana’s life that changes her course. Here’s everything we know so far.

Major Casts Of Spencer Movie:

Although very little has been revealed about the film, we do know that there is an outstanding cast in the film. Apart from Kristen Stewart (who you might know from the films Twilight and Charlie’s Angels, to name a few), Timothy Spall (Goodbye, a Pet), Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) and Sean Harris (The Borgias) also starred in the role play in the film. , but we still don’t know who they’ll play.

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While Kristen Stewart isn’t the first choice of many who play Diana, we have to say that she definitely looks like the role in the photos we see. However, the focus may be on more complex mastery skills, and in an interview with InStyle, Kristen spoke about trying to improve Diana’s clear voice.
“Her accent is scary, just like hell, because people know the voice and the voice is very, very clear and special, she said. I’m currently working on it and already have my own dialect trainer.”

What’s the plotline of Spencer Movie?

We know this film will focus on a very important weekend in Diana’s life when she finds out that her marriage to Prince Charles is over. We’ll take a closer look at how Diana handled her feelings, love for her sons, and the royal family during those important few days. And if you think this is just a slightly different view of The Crown, then you are wrong. Screenwriter Stephen Knight (who also wrote Peaky Blinders) purposely missed The Crown because he didn’t want it to affect his writing.

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When Is It Coming Out??

Unfortunately, we can wait a while to see the film. Filming is scheduled to begin this year in Germany and Great Britain. This film should be released in the fall. However, because the coronavirus is still a big threat, we don’t have a release date yet.