Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek is an American sci-fi adventure TV series. Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman are the creators of the show. The show released on September 24, 2017, on CBS and CBS All Acess. The show managed to score, 83% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Looking at the success of the show, the creators released the second season of the show on January 17, 2019. The second season, too managed to live up to the expectations of the viewers. Star Trek: Discovery is the seventh part of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek, itself has a huge viewership and cult fan base.

The series also received many spin-offs over the years. 

Star Trek: Discovery, Plot:

 Michael Burnham is the protagonist of the story. She is a human, but Vulcans have raised her. This is the first time, that the producers have chosen someone who is not a spaceship captain. She is a specialist on USS Discovery. Another main character of the story is, Saru. He is the First office of USS Discovery. For the series, the creators came up with a new species, Kelpiens. Saru is the first Kelpien to become part of the space fleet.

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The story begins approximately ten years earlier than the onset of  Star Trek: The Original Series.

In this series, Klingon houses unite to fight a war against the United Federation of Planets. After the war, Discovery interprets seven different signals and a strange figure called, “Red Angel”. To intercept the signals, The Discovery crew, travel 900 years ahead of the present time.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 updates:

The Star Trek franchise follows a huge viewership and cult fan following. Every subsection of the Star Trek has proven to be a hit. Star Trek: Discovery, is no exception. The show became an instant hit. The creators announced for season 3 of the show. The third season of the show will come out in 2020 itself.

Star Trek: Discovery Cast:

  • Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham:
  • Doug Jones as Saru:
  • Shazad Latif as Voq / Ash Tyler:
  • Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets:
  • Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly:
  • Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca:
  • Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber:
  • Anson Mount as Christopher Pike