Loris Lunsford and Jason Netter have created the amazing show called “StarBeam”. It is a Canadian show and it is directed by Jhonny Darrell. This animated television show is created for the streaming platform Netflix. The show is in the English language and until now there is 2 season of the show. The two seasons have a total of 16 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of about 11 to 14 minutes. The team of executive producers includes Loris Lunsford, Jason Netter, and Heather Puttock.

The first season of this kid’s series was released back in 3rd April of 2020. After a couple of months, the show was back on our screens with season two. It came out on 8th September 2020.

What is the story of the series?

The show is about a second-grade student called Zoey. But she is no ordinary student by any means because she has a secret identity. She was a whole secret life where she is a superhero and calls herself StarBeam. Zoey has many superhero qualities like super strength and super speed. She also has the ability to breathe wind and make force fields. When Zoey wants to transform herself into her superhero persona, she says her unique catchphrase “It is time to shine”.

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Zoey’s superhero powers are no mystery as she got them from her mother, who is also equipped with superpowers. Her mother is WonderBeam, and it is now Zoey’s turn to continue her family’s tradition. Zoey has a couple of people who are aware of her alternate identity. Among those people are, “Gramps” or her grandfather, her friend Henry, Boost, and Kipper. Boost has superhero powers just like Zoey but he also can invent various gadgets. With the help of his inventions, he can actually increase his superpowers. But Gramps and Henry are the ones devoid of any supernatural abilities.

What’s the latest news?

Netflix has a surprise for you! A Halloween special will be available for the kids titled “StarBeam: Halloween Hero”.


  • Nahanni Mitchell as Zoey
  • Dean Petriw as Henry
  • Sam Vincent as Kipper
  • Terry Klassen as Gramps
  • Diana Kaarina as WonderBeam