StarBeam Season 2

Loris Lunsford and Jason Netter have created an animated series called “StarBeam” for Netflix. It is an American children’s show which is directed by Jhonny Darrell. The story of StarBeam is centered around a girl who happens to be a superhero. The show made its debut on 4th April 2020. It came out on Netflix. We only have one season of the show for now. Season 1 has eight episodes and each episode spans for about 11 to 13 minutes.

The team of executive producers includes Loris Lunsford, Jason Netter, and Heather Puttock. It is a delightful show depicting a female protagonist and this kid-centric series has an empowering vide to it. The first season was a success, as it should be. It was very creative. Now, fans are eager for the second season.

What about season 2?

StarBeam has already released season 1 on Netflix on 3rd April 2020, and all eight episodes are available for streaming. The streaming company has been giving conscious effort to include more stories for its pre-school audience. And this show is just another example of that effort. But it is not only that, but StarBeam also aims to deliver a message. Females are being under-represented in all spheres of life, not just in the entertainment areas. StarBeam gives an effort to redress the balance. Moreover, it features a superhero, who is in kindergarten.

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So, this series should definitely have another season. It has a good premise and a great deal of potential. If StarBeam is renewed for a second season, it will premiere in the next year, probably sometime around April.

Who will be in the cast?

All the voice actors from season 1 will make a comeback if the second season happens.

Nahanni Mitchell as StarBeam

Dean Petriw as Boost

Terry Klassen as Gramps

Sam Vincent as Kipper / Captain Fishbeard

Diana Kaarina as WonderBeam

Laara Sadiq as Ms. Winkleman

Maryke Hendrikse as Miserable Marla

Jaeda Lily Miller as Greta

Abigail Journey Oliver as Stella

Rhona Rees as Mayor Blumenshine

Zion Simpson as Gunther

The audience will definitely miss the adorable eight-year-old Zoey, till she returns to our screens.