Steven Universe Season 6

All about Steven Universe Season 6!

As a child, many of us watched many animated series and cartoons. Although cartoons have made us laugh for years, nothing like animated series can be said. Very few series can really make us laugh instead of shooting boring things down our throats. Steven Universe is one of the leading series in the years. In December 2019, the famous franchise published its sixth installment. Today, we look into the sixth season with everything you need to know!

Season 6

The sixth season aired on 7th December.  New episodes are now on the Cartoon Network for streaming. This message came before the pandemic of coronavirus. The pandemic has not reached the entire world and shows no signs of a slowdown. Worldwide production has been delayed. However, the Steven Universe crew did a great deal of work with this unfortunate event. Soon, a set of fresh episodes will be released.

The first episode was an hour long and premiered at 8 PM ET, and the next three episodes were presented at the show. The three episodes, ‘Little Homeschool,’ ‘Guidance,’ ‘Rose Bud,’ and ‘Volleyball,’ were all playing after each other. On December 28, the show completed the whole series. On third-party sites, you can also look at the 10 episodes.

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About the features

Rebecca’s mother’s fantasy shows have influenced her. And in one way or another, all characters reflect the classic characters of old Disney animated shows. American star Zack Callison speaks Steven’s lead character. Estell is the voice of the Crystal Gem Leader Garnet. The voices of Amethyst and Pearl are Michela Dietz and singer Deedee Magno. One Crystal Gem is Charlyne Yi.

Further information

Season 6 will revolve around Steven and his adventures. In addition, the first episode focused primarily on Jewelry, while the second showed Steven was unhappy with Jewelry. The fact that Gems wanted to be employed in Beach City, there was a disappointment. Soon, Steven joined his friends in the following two episodes, helping Pink Diamond to remedy the scar on her face. In episodes 5 and 6, Steven was faced with an unpredictable takeover. Meanwhile, Steven still has his life to handle in this sudden development.

Season 6 Trailer

Steven Universe Season 6’s official trailer has not yet been released. I hope Cartoon Network will release it soon, with the release date in the immediate vicinity. And might not have observed it despite the immense popularity of the show. Don’t worry, if you’re one, we’ve covered you. A number of trailers have been released by the Cartoon Network for the five years to date. For the first season, we have connected the trailer, which offers a great view of the show. In all its glory, here’s the trailer!