Super Monsters season 3

Super Monsters has been here since 2017. It is an American-Canadian kid’s show That made its debut on 13th October 2017. The series shows the most notable monsters who happen to be preschoolers. They are attending school while trying to get control over their supernatural powers.

What is the show about and why is it so popular?

Super Monsters is all about a special school that is just tailor-made for the monsters of the future. The students of this school have gotten superpowers from their parents and they need to train to become monsters in the future. Each episode gives the audience a peek at the competition that goes on for being the best of all.

The show has the unique ability to make viewers sympathize with the monsters under training. The monsters resemble humans in the day, but at night, their true forms are revealed and they become monsters. The show is similar to the Hotel Transylvania series because it tries to make the audience kinder to the monsters instead of thoughtlessly demonizing them. Halloween is a special occasion when the world celebrates monsters and the gap between monsters and humans is lessened a bit.

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There are 3 seasons till now with a total of 22 episodes. There are even 8 specials of the show to date. Each episode is about 22 to 23 minutes long.

The cast

  • Cleo Graves: Voiced by Elyse Maloway
  • Drac Shadows: Voiced by Vincent Tong
  • Frankie Mash:  Voiced by Erin Mathews
  • Katya Spelling: Voiced by Andrea Libman
  • Lobo Howler: Voiced by Alessandro Juliani
  • Zoe Walker: Voiced by Nicole Anthony
  • Spike Gong: Voiced by Diana Kaarina

What’s the latest from the show?

There is already one special by the Super Monsters that are released in August. The special titled “Super Monsters: The New Class” was released on 1st August 2020. It was about a new class that comes to the High School of Pitchfork Pines.

And the upcoming special episode is called “Super Monsters: Dia de Los Monsters”. It will be here for fans to watch on 9th October 2020.