Sweet Magnolias Season 2

You will never want to go anywhere else once you take a (virtual) trip to Serenity — at least as Sweet Magnolias fans feel. The show, which began on Netflix on May 19, soon turned into a hit because it was full of feel-good vibes, familiar stories, and the charm of the small town. Netflix has confirmed that the show will return for season 2, weeks after the dramatic end of the cliffhanger. Although the details are in the air, here is all we know about Sweet Magnolia’s second season.

When is the 2nd release date for Sweet Magnolias?

Exciting news: Sweet Magnolias has confirmed that they are back for another season! Please note that taping will only start once the coronavirus has been released. The show is filmed in Georgia and Deadline reports that the ongoing health crisis affects film and TV productions in the country of Peach.

Will the whole Sweet Magnolia cast come back for season 2?

Every sign indicates yes. It is unclear which cast members will reappear until Netflix confirms further details on the future of the show. It’s safe to say that they are all on board for round two based on the positive reaction of everyone.

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What’s going to be the plot of the second season?

Let’s begin with what fans already know: if you have taken Sweet Magnolias another season, then it’ll address the condition of Kyle and who was with him in the car after a car accident. Then it will probably address the top questions of everybody, but not just: Will Maddie take Bill back? Who are the parents of Isaac? Do Helen and Erik have hope? Will Annie and Ty ever meet? Still Noreen in the photo?

When the show addresses Serenity’s top concerns, JoAnna wants to spark even more drama with her new character, Cal. “For Maddie, I want her to have a great moment blown up with Cal. I want to see that journey and that honest moment to figure it out and to have the dust a bit dissolved,” she says after Buzz TV.

Fortunately, the authors of the show have plenty to work with. The Netflix series is based on the books of Sherryl Woods with the same name and is claimed to draw from the first three books of the 11-book series in the first season. That means that the authors have to pull 8 more books — at least a few more seasons than that, right?