Baki Season 4: Release Date And All That We Know So Far!!!

Baki Season 4

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Real-Life Partners & Family Of “Stranger Thing” Cast!!!

Stranger Thing

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Knives Out 2: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Movie!!!

Knives Out 2

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Cursed Season 2: Netflix Officially Cancels Fantasy Show

Cursed Season 2

Cursed Season 2: Even though “Cursed” season 1 gained a lot of reputation, yet Netflix cancels the second season of the fantasy show. The first season released last year in the month of July, and this year, in April the producers already dropped hints of the cancellation. But there hasn’t been any particular reason given behind the cancellation. Maybe because of the low TRP of “Cursed”.

Till then, let’s see what happened in season 1 so that we can still enjoy the essence of the show.

The plot of Cursed Season 1:

“Cursed” is a “re-visioning of the Arthurian tale, recounted through the perspective of Nimue, a young protagonist with a strange gift who is predestined to become the mighty (and sad) Lady of the Lake.”

Following her mom’s death, she joins forces with Arthur, a teenage warrior, on a journey to find Merlin and deliver an old sword. Nimue will be an emblem of bravery and resistance against the frightening Red Paladins and their colluding King Uther during her quest.”

“Cursed” is a show of “a coming-of-age narrative whose elements are similar to our own time: the destruction of the natural environment, religious fear, pointless conflict, and having the confidence to lead in the midst of the unattainable” in another post on that site.

The cast of Cursed Season 1:

  • Katherine Langford as Nimue.
  • Devon Terrell as Arthur.
  • Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin.
  • Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk.
  • Sebastian Armesto as King Uther.
  • Lily Newmark as Pym.
  • Peter Mullan as Father Carden.
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin as Sister Igraine.
  • Bella Dayne as Red Spear.
  • Matt Stokoe as the Green Knight.

Other Details of Cursed:

It was revealed in 2018 that Netflix has awarded the project a series order for the first season of 10 episodes. The program is based on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s book with the same name. Miller and Wheeler were slated to executive produce the drama as well as creating the television version. Zeta Fuentes was confirmed in September 2018 as the director and executive producer for the initial duel episodes of the series.

Netflix canceled the series after one season on July 9, 2021.

On My Block Season 4: Release Date, Plot and Others!!!

On My Block Season 4

On My Block Season 4: Till now “On My Block” has never disappointed its fans for a moment. Once you start binge-watching the show, there’s no going back. That’s why Netflix still has the confidence to renew the show till now, with season 4 incoming. In fact, the fans are not yet ready to give up on the show.

Season 4 is expected to be the final season of “On My Block”.

On My Block Season 4 Renewal Status:

The final season was renewed on 31st January this year. The third season was aired in March 2020. So, indeed it was a long wait. But Netflix already dropped hints regarding the fourth one since last year’s July. But there was no confirmation due to the delay caused by the pandemic.

When can we expect On My Block Season 4?

The Hollywood Reporter originally reported at the renewal that filming would commence in March 2021, leaving it uncertain if the series would be able to fit into 2021 or not. According to rumors, the program might return as late as March 2022.

But the producers have already finished shooting the final season in the first week of June.

What is the story of On My Block?

Each and every season till now has ended with cliffhangers. And each new season keeps outdoing the previous one.  “On My Block” revolves around the story of 4 friends in the town of Ridge California, and portrays the regular high-school drama, just like any other show. But the spice is added with the rivalry of the 2 gangs.

But “On My Block” is more than that. Each character has their development and the actors did the perfect justification for them. Especially, the character Ruby caught the attention the most.

“On My Block” is the reprieve from stylish adolescent dramas you didn’t realize you needed.

Reception of On My Block:

The first season has a 95 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, with a rating of 7.83/10. IMDb gave a rating of 8/10, which is great for a teen show. The audience so far gave nothing but positive reviews and quite satisfactory remarks.

The cast of On My Block:

The following is a part of the brilliant show.

  • Monsé Finnie played by Sierra Capri.
  • Ruby played by Jason Genao.
  • Jamal played by Brett Gray.
  • Cesar played by Diego Tinoco.
  • Jasmine played by Jessica Marie Garcia.
  • Spooky played by Julio Macias.
  • Abuelita played by Peggy Blow.

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The Cook of Castamar Season 2

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