Talentless Nana Episode 6

The manga series ‘Munou Na Nana’, by Looseboy anime adaptation illustrated by Iori Furuya takes the unoriginal trap of the imminent disaster, creating something very distinctive. The Munou Nana is a manga collection. The plot has not been too far away. Some kids have begun to show amazing talents or abilities. Consequently, the government sets special schools, Here they prepare students for a battle against mysterious opponents, which are simply known as ‘Enemies of Humanity’.

Talentless Nana Episode 6: Release date

Shinji Ishihara has directed this cult-anime. Talentless Nana’s 6th Episode is will air on 8th November 2020.

Where to watch ‘Munou Na Nana’ English version?

‘Talentless Nana’ can be viewed with its original Japanese and English audio subtitles, on Funimation.  In addition, TV Tokyo and other local stations are also broadcasting the show.

Spoiler Alert!

Meanwhile, in May 2016, Looseboy and Furuyab published their manga series. It took four years to put it on the small screen. In addition, Bridge Studios is the showrunner and Fumihiko ShimoTakanashi, and Yasuharu is the writer.

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Nana Hiiragi’s universe is about to be utterly destroyed. The beings, known as “enemies of mankind,” are always able to attack them. Soon, the children begin to show their power. Apparently, the governments decided to train these young men to become the guerrillas, in the forthcoming years. And will establish global schools to serve this purpose. As a result, when Nana comes to study, everyone is surprised by her lack of talent. In addition, they wonder why she was sent to a school built exclusively for ‘the Talented’.  However, as the series progresses, it turns out to be incredibly smart and manipulative.

An Episode 5 recap!

Subsequently, Nana massages Hatadaria who lies on the bed like his friend. Nana massages her. He continues to praise the way she does and she begins to ask him questions to find out what his Talent is. Soon, nana asks him if he could use his talent for humanity’s sake there. As a result, Hatadoria replied that he just hates overachievers and you can’t change the future regardless of how hard you try.

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However, he can warn someone if they’re in danger. Nana said to him, people like when you tell them about their death. Nana sees that Hatadoria doesn’t feel like killing him. And now she feels like killing him. As a result, it’s better for Nana to leave since it’s late. Hatadoria threatens her and reminds her that she’s better staying or is going to be in trouble with his girlfriend. She must give him a good time, too. Hatadoria sleeps, with the camera that has evidence on his hand. Meanwhile, Nana decided to stay for one night.