Talentless Nana Episode 9


After Nana killed Yukawa Shinji, she destroyed all evidence and threw her body into the lake. Nana wondered if there were still zombies in the forest. Later, Nana walked near the river and wondered if she had saved the yucca. He finds out what happened on the island. Nana decided that she was strong and must fulfill her mission. He thought about all the people he touched and disappeared.

Since he had not gone to school yesterday, he realized that there were many questions to ask. On the way, he met Habu, who hunts for snakes and greets him. Habu had lost the snake and Nana knew that Habu hadn’t mocked Michiru. Habu said he could not conclude that it was his talent. Habu said that he needed to eat reptiles in order to function, and Nana asked if he could turn the liquids into poison.

Recap & Release Date of Talentless Nana Episode 9

Episode 9 “Talentless Nana” will air on Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 9:30 pm JST. Mediocre Nana releases a new episode every Sunday. The times above should be converted to local time so that you can receive new episodes as soon as they are released. Play Talentless Nana on Funimation. Let’s take a look at the summary and visualization below.

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What was the Plot Of Talentless Nana Episode 8

Habu replied in the affirmative and asked what Nan was doing in the forest. Nana says that she just spent time with someone in the jungle. Habu spoke like a boy and Nana was a dirty guy. Nana Habu asked about his friend who could teleport. Habu said that Kaori was killed for stealing contact information from him.
Nana said Kaori was behind you and Habu looked at her. Suddenly, Habu knelt down on his back and Nana stabbed him with a sharp sting, saying that if he gave him the phone password, he would give him an antidote. Habu’s body began to turn pale due to the poison flowing in it. Habu called 330789 and Nana was grateful for his cooperation. Habu advised him to hurry up with the antidote.

Nana showed her empty hands. He told Habu that a talent like him has less priority. He took Habu’s bag and left it for dead. He said that he should allay Keo’s suspicions about himself. Nana decides to make a plan to defeat Kaori’s teleportation and stop Kio from spying on her. Later, the magician Nana kills Kaori, and Kyo learns the truth.
She reveals other talents to Nana, and Nana tries to protect herself. He noticed that Kyo knew everything and hit him with words. Nan is trying to turn the story around and confuse talented people. Michiru says that Nana has never killed anyone. Kyo decides to find Nana and finds Kaori’s cell phone, which means he’s a criminal.