Tales of Tomorrow Season 1

Tales of Tomorrow Season 1

It is quite an old show. And it covers such stories as Frankenstein, starring Jr., Lon Chaney, 20000 Leagues under the sea, starring Thomas Mitchell as Captain Nemo, and many more.
Anthology and Science fiction is the genre of the series.

The series Tales of Tomorrow was directed by Don Medford, Charles S. Dublin, Leslie Gorall, Franklin J. Schaffner, and Leonard Valenta. The country of origin of the series is the Unites States and the original language is English. It has two seasons with 85 episodes in total. The running time of the show is 25 minutes.

Released Date

The series Tales of Tomorrow season one was released on August 3, 1951, to June 12, 1953. The first episode of season one was released on August 3, 1951, which was titled as Verdict from space, and the last episode of season one was released on August 22, 1952, which was titled as A Bird in Hand. Season two of the series was released on September 5th,1952 to June 12th, 1953. Season one of the series has a total of 45 episodes while season two has 40 episodes.

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The show was made indeed for adults. During that time most of the science fiction productions were targeted to children. To know the real story behind the show you need to watch the full series. The series is somewhat similar to the later Twilight Zone which also covered one of the same stories as “What You Need”.

For this science fiction television series the idea was developed by Theodore Sturgeon and Mort Abrahams together with the membership of the Science Fiction League of America. ABC tried the Radio version of the series but the Radio version was not Successful. Earlier the original title of the show is decided as “Tomorrow is Yours” but later it was decided as “Tales of Tomorrow”. The series is available to watch online on Amazon Prime Videos.

Major casts in the series

  • Chaney
  •  Mitchell
  •  Brian Keith
  •  Lee J.Cobb
  •  Louis Hector
  •  Gene Lockhart
  •  Leslie Nielsen
  •  Bruce Cabot
  •  Rod Steiger
  •  James Dean
  •  Franchot Tone
  •  Paul Newman
  •  Cloris Leachman
  •  Walter Abel