Temptation Island Season 3

The pair are set to raise the temperature when Isle of Temptation Season 3 returns with four amazing new couples with chilling drama. Well, things got even more intense than you could ever imagine because the new trailer annoys that things will turn out different in Season 3 of Temptation Island. Now the four couples are ready to test their relationship while spending time with some interesting singles.

The Island of Temptation was Fox’s reality TV show before landing on the US network in 2019. The show follows a group of couples who are supposed to stay in a group to test their loyalty and relationship. It was inspired by the Dutch show Blind Vertrouwen, created by Endemol. She is critically acclaimed for her wider reach, where multiple partners are chosen to live with attractive people of the opposite sex. Four pairs were selected in the first season, but once the show found out that the pair already had children, they were quickly disqualified and three more were left to continue.

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Temptation Island Season 3: Trailer

The first look at Yawning Island of Temptation, season 3, is upset that nothing will be the same as in the previous season. Is it right! The four pairs are very different from each other from what we have seen so far. As you can see, Erica Washington told host Mark L. Wahlberg that there are no “rules” so anything can happen. Well, not only will couples stay away, but their lives will also change a lot. The short video shows a lot of drama between the couple, which made them shed tears.

Temptation Island Season 3: Who Will Join Season 3

Thomas 37 and Chelsea 29 will be the first athletes to compete on Island of Temptation Season 3. Thomas and Chelsea have been together for a year and live in West Hollywood. Thomas, the lover of a well-known investment trader, runs a jealous and possessive Chelsea.

High school favorite Julian and Christian, both 26, have been in an amazing relationship for eleven years. Kristen tricked Julian twice, but Julian decided to stay with him and forgive his mistakes. Now Kristen is ready to propose to Julian again. However, she was afraid that Julian would say no this time and continued because she was shocked by the past.

After eighteen months together, nothing was normal in the relationship between Erin 24 and Corey 25. Erin felt that something was missing in their relationship. Because he compared Corey to his ex-girlfriend who is a professional athlete.
After two and a half years in a relationship, Kendall 26 still doubts whether Erica 24 is his partner. As a successful businessman, Kendall wants a partner who can deal directly with him in a professional manner. But he wasn’t sure if his personal assistant Erika was the right person.

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Temptation Island Season 3: When will the air be?

Get ready to feel the hot breeze in the cool February atmosphere. As season three Temptation Island is ready to land on the US network on February 16, 2021 at 22:00 ET.