Texas 6

Texas 6

CBS All Access has released a new work in the documentary series “Texas 6”.The morning broadcast said the critical show had won a second season of revival less than a week after it opened.

About Texas 6

Jared Christopher had founded “ Texas 6” (TitleTown, TX), that pursues the Greyhounds, a six-man high school football team directed by trainer Dewaine Lee. To try and take three chances in the six-man state football championship. Football remains the backbone of Texas Strawn. But ultimately the show captures the spirit of a small town and teams competing for each other on and off the pitch.
On Thanksgiving, the first three episodes of “Texas 6” premiered. New episodes will be available starting this week upon request on Thursday. The finals of the first season are worshiped on New Year’s Eve.

2020 Series Updates and Cancellations

When the show was released in October, Julie McNamara, executive vice president and program director for CBS All Access, said of the six. His dedication and commitment to the subject and people is evident in the opening scene. “
ViacomCBS confirmed in September that CBS All Access will be rebranded to Paramount early next year, but did not provide a specific date. Coyote switches to CBS All Access on Paramount’s network, and Viacom Cable Net switches to movies.