The 100 Season 8

The 100 is an American technology fiction drama that has been in lifestyles due to the fact of 2014. The series has developed a huge fan base and the recognition has been increasing.
Being one of the most successful series on ABC, lovers want every other season. The 7th season came out in May 2020 and considering the fact then, lovers had been wondering about a brand new season. A lot of questions and theories had been flooding the internet. Let us see the most reliable info and the probabilities of season 8.

Is series getting renewed?

The 100
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When season 7 was renewed back in April, it was introduced that it was the finale. After season 7 got here out, the production crew did not talk about every other season. As of now, the series isn’t always renewed and there are fewer probabilities for the renewal.

Season 7 turned into a terrific quit to the collection and there are no plot holes left to fill. This manner that the production team had been deliberate and completed the collection. Another thing to be aware is that the series, on finishing the 7th season had exactly one hundred episodes. All these indicate that the series is not going to be renewed. The information and comments about the 8th season are all rumors and nothing is confirmed yet.

This is bad information for the lovers as one of the maximum thrilling post-apocalypse series has ended however they don’t have to fear as there might be a spin-off to this collection.
If you haven’t watched a hundred, you can watch it on Netflix. The spin-off goes to be set as a prequel to 100 but we don’t have any other information regarding it.

The 100 Season 8, an apocalyptic sci-fi drama based totally on the radical of the same name with the help of Kas Morgan, will return quickly for its fanatics. In April last year, they renewed the season for its 7th season, which changed into officially introduced to be the very last of the series. It goes to make the effort for the crew to verify and communicate about the prequel. We could have a release date and other statistics after the COVID-19 pandemic spread is below control.

In the last season, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey, Shannon Kook, Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Alaina Huffman returned in their respective characters.

The closing season is exploring the tale where inhabitants are settling down. The inhabitants are searching to finally settle in peace after the aftermath of the activities of the previous season.