The Big Fab

The Big Fib is Yvette Nicole Brown’s American game show featuring Rhys Darby as C.L.I.V.E. (Computerized Library of Information and Virtual Expert), companion of Brown Robot. The series premiered on Disney+ on May 22, 2020, inspired by the Gen-Z Pants on Fire podcast.

The show, starring a chirpy host, a silly robot, and lovely children, focuses on its tiny contestants who need to distinguish lies from the truth.

Season 2 launch date?

The first season of The Big Fib premiered on Disney+ on May 22, 2020, with fifteen episodes. The duration of each episode was around the thirty-minute mark, released on the platform all at once. The show initially had plans to release thirty episodes. Hence, we can hope to see the new season to hit the platform in a few months. The show is rumored to bring it’s the latest series of episodes by the end of this year. Cheers!

The host for the new season?

Yvette Nicole Brown performed as an incredible host in The Big Fib and will also star in Lady and the Tramp – an action remake of the epic animated franchise from 1955, premiering on Disney+, November 12, 2020. Her co-host Rhys Darby performs as C.L.I.V.E, Brown Robot’s companion. Each episode features a child contestant and two adults- one liar and one expert. Season 2 will most likely witness the comeback of Darby and Brown.

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The plot of the new season

Adults are susceptible to fibbing, but can children see through their lies? Well,’ The Big Fib’ is trying to answer the question. Kid contestants face subject matter experts and a stupid liar in each episode of this reality game show. On mainstream topics, both adults present facts, as well as convincing lies about the same subjects. Kids have to distinguish facts from fiction.  Two rounds are included in each episode. The liar and the authentic expert reveal some fantastic lies and fun, informative facts at the same time in the first round, called the warm-up round.

While this section of the show is primarily intended for entertainment purposes, it is still rich in real information. Fun trivia about ice cream, tree climbing, or toy design are some of the topics explored here. The tiny participant questions both the expert and the liar in the second round. By measuring the responses, he/she needs to pick the fiber. Visual clues and interesting props assist the kid. We also have a round of rapid-fire hot seat questions. Besides, various topics such as jellyfish, venom, and killer plants can be addressed in the questions.