Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is an American Comedy animated movie. Tom McGrath is the director of the movie. McGrath has worked in co-directing movies like Madagascar. DreamWorks Animation is the producer. The movie released on March 31, 2017. The Boss Baby grossed over $528 million worldwide. Even though the movie got mixed reviews from the critics, it managed to retain love from the viewers. Netflix adapted the movie for a series of adaptions. 

Following the same storyline, Boss Baby: Get that Baby, is yet another release. Brandon Sawyer is the executive producer of the show. It is an interactive show for the kids. The show features mental exercises that will help the baby to reach the top of his corporations. The decisions made will be responsible for the fate of the protagonist of the show.


Tim Templeton narrates the story when he was 7-years old and his parents. One day, an infant, wearing a business suit arrives at Tim’s house. Tim later finds out that the baby can talk properly like an adult. The baby tells him that he is the boss at Baby Corp. Baby Corp. is an organization that is run by babies. The company aims at maintaining the love towards human babies as the top priority.

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The baby tells Tim that his mission is to check why puppies are getting more love than human babies. He takes Tim to his office by making him suck on a pacifier. In the office, the baby’s boss threatens him to fire him if he is unable to succeed in his mission. Tim teams up with the baby in his mission of retaining human baby love worldwide.

Release Date:

The Boss Baby: Get that Baby is an interactive series. Netflix adapted the series for the kids looking at the Pandemic situation. The show will be releasing in September 2020.

The Boss Baby Cast:

  • JP Karliak ​ as Boss Baby
  • Pierce Gagnon ​ as Tim
  • Kevin Michael Richardson ​as Jimbo
  • Alex Cazares as Staci
  • Diedrich Bater as Junior Fancy
  • Rhys Darby as Happy Sedengry
  • Wendie Malick ​ as Wendy McCracken
  • Jake Green as Bootsy Calico
  • Victor Raider Wexler as Frederick Estes