The burden of Truth season 4

Brad Simpson has created a great legal drama series called “Burden of the Truth”. It was first released on CBC on 10th January 2018. The show happens to be part of the CW’s summer programming state in the USA. the series is important as it addresses vital issues such as institutional racism towards indigenous people. We have three seasons till now but fans are hoping for another one. Season three ended a couple of months back and the viewership is strong, so fans anticipate the renewal of the series.

What is the story behind the show?

The story is about Joanna Hanley. She is a successful corporate attorney who has to return to her hometown for a case. In Millwood, Manitoba, she is supposed to represent a large pharmaceutical company. But as time goes by, she realizes that the sick little girls may need her to help more than the corporate machine. She has to go up against her childhood friend Billy Crawford. This leads to doubting her own choices that she had to make to be a high-powered attorney.

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In season 3, an unexpected pregnancy waa revealed. Joanna and Billy’s romantic relationship led them to the verge of becoming parents. The finale had featured a pregnant Joanna in the office amongst the bustling business. Even though the season 3 ended can be treated as an ending of sorts, creators are not ready to let the show end just yet. Fans are ready for just one more story.

When will be the next season released?

Great news for fans! The show has received confirmation for renewal for the fourth season. The show has been renewed by CBC in Canada and there will be eight episodes as there was in the previous season. The show will start its production work in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is very likely that CW will also pick up for another season. The legal drama has roped in enough ratings to be hopeful!

The cast

• Kristin Kreuk as Joanna Chang
• Peter Mooney as Billy Crawford
• Star Slade as Luna Spence
• Nicola Correia-Damude as Diane Evans