The Challenge Season 36

Long-standing fans know that The Challenge was originally known by a different name. The show was called “Road Rules: All-Stars” and it was released on 1st June 1998. It has come a long way since then, both in terms of structure and cast members. The show is created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray. In the show, people build different teams and aim for the cash prize through the completion of challenges. The franchise had it’s the highest-rated season in The challenge: Total Madness, and it is no surprise that the show is renewed for another season.

What is going to happen in the next one?

Presently, season 35 is still going on. It will have the finale on July 16th. In season 35, we see experienced veterans competing against newbies. The rookies come from different franchises such as Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Party Down South, and The Survivor, etc. Keeping consistent with the premise of the series, the contestants are battling it out through gruesome challenges, difficult stunts, and crushing eliminations. The final goal is the $1 million cash prize. The finale will be especially brutal this time. The stamina of the participants will be tested as they fight it out for the championship title. They would have to survive in piercing cold climate and navigate the mountains. Players that are still in the game include Cory Wharton, Kyle Christie, Jennifer “Jenny” West, Jhonny “Bananas” Devenanzio, and many more. There will also be a reunion but it will not include cast member Dee Nguyen. Each season of “The Challenge” has different themes, and nothing specific is known about season 36 yet.

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When is the release date?

There is no announcement of the official date of release yet. But it is positively happening as MTV has renewed the show for season 36.

Who will be in it?

There is no news about the list of cast members. However, the long time host T. J Lavin will probably be returning.