The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid is quite an old show. It had come out in the year 1950 and the last season of this series was premiered in 1956. The show is about Cisco and Pancho who are desperadoes. Both are wanted by the law for several unspecified crimes.

But they did have a very different kind of reputation among the poor masses, who considered them to be a sort of Robin Hood figures. The Cisco Kid is famous for being the very first television series that was filmed in color. Most of the viewers got to see the color version in 1960. This Western American series was written by O.Henry, J.Benton Cheney, and Barry Cohon. Paul Landres and Lambert Hillyer have directed the series. This show had a total of six seasons with a total of 156 episodes. Each episode has a running time of about 30 minutes. Frederick Ziv and Philip N. Krasne were the producers for the show.

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The most interesting thing is that this show is coming back on Amazon Prime in October of 2020. The first day of the month will have the first season of The Cisco Kid all ready for your viewers.

The Cast

Many people were involved in making the Cisco Kid show back in the 1950s. Some of the major characters were-

  • Duncan Renaldo as The Cisco Kid
  • Leo Carrillo as Pancho
  • Marshall Reed as Blade Meddick
  • Keith Richards as Bret Torrance
  • Earle Hodgins as Deputy Purdy
  • Stanford Jolley as Gus Brown
  • Forrest Taylor as Sheriff
  • Tristam Coffin as Banker Tom Barton

The adventure of the masked hero who was accompanied by his friendly sidekick was a great favorite of the audiences. The show was also popular among the adolescents as even though the heroes won in fights with the bad guys, the villains were never seriously injured. The Cisco Kid is in a way inspired by the O. Henry story named “The Caballero’s Way”. But the show diverged from the story in a lot of major ways. In the story, the central character was not a Mexican hero, but a serious evil outlaw.