The Croods Season 2

Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders are the directors of the film. The Croods premiered on March 22, 2013, in the United States. The film received critical acclaims from the experts. The audience loved the setting and characterization of the movie. It scored an approval rating of 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is one of the top-grossing animated movies. The Croods grossed over $587.2 million over the budget of $135–175 million. The film is the first DreamWorks Animation film distributed by 20th Century Fox.

In this article, we will focus on the development of the second installment of the film. Along with all the details of the film, The Croods.


The story revolves around the life of a prehistoric family, Croods. Grug is the protagonist of the film. He is the over-protective patriarch of the family. Eep is the daughter of Grug. She is a rebel and always questions the decisions made by Grug. An inventive modern human boy named Guy meets Eep. Guy tells her that an apocalypse is coming and she should go with him to be safe. But, Eep runs to her family and tells them everything. Greg is afraid of trying something new and innovative so he despites Guy.

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Soon a massive earthquake destroys their home. Croods seek to relocate to another safe place. Guy accompanies them, telling them that he knows a safe place. But, Grug ignores his advice again and again. Guy then begins to impress the family with his inventions, like shoes. Soon, everyone realizes that Guy is right, and they follow him to a new safe place.

The Croods 2:

The Croods is one of the top-grossing animated movies. The film aims at educating that trying new is not bad. Sometimes, we have to leave our rudimentary methods to progress. 

The creators announced the renewal of the film for the sequel. The second part of the film will release on December 23, 2020.


  • Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood
  • Emma Stone as Eep Crood
  • Ryan Reynolds as Guy
  • Catherine Keener as Ugga Crood
  • Clark Duke as Thunk Crood
  • Cloris Leachman as Gran
  • Randy Thom as Sandy Crood
  • Chris Sanders as Belt