The Crown Season 6

The crown is one of the most prominent shows. It is a British historic drama television series. The show premiered on Netflix on November 4, 2016. Peter Morgan is the writer of the show. The show is the adaptation of the movie The Queen (2006) and the stage play  The Audience (2013). The Crown received positive remarks from the audience and the critics worldwide.  The series is the recipient of 26 nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards. The show features new actors for their character for almost every season of the show. The recent season 3 released on November 17, 2019.

The fans have already begun questioning about Netflix’s plans for the release of another season. But, how the COVID pandemic has affected the production? Are the producers deciding on the release of another season? We will answer all your queries here.

The Crown Plot:

Each season of the show depicts a different timeline of the Queen Elizabeth era. The show treads on the life of Queen Elizabeth. The season covers the incidents and events till 1955. The first season features Winston Churchill resigning from his position as the Prime Minister.  In the second season, Suez Crisis in 1956 leads the retirement of Prime Minister Anthony Eden. The Profumo affair political scandal is yet another feature of the story. The second season also features the birth of Prince Edward in 1964.

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In the third season shows the life of the Dutchess of Cornwall, Camilla Shand. The next season will be featuring Lady Diana Spencer, and introduce Prince William and Prince Harry. The series received appreciation for the acting, direction, and historical accuracy.

The Crown latest seasons update:

The creators of the show have decided to take the story to the 2000s era. The show will receive the seasons till 6. Season 6th will be the finale of the show. The shooting for the season 4 commenced in March 2020. The show will come out later this year. Season 5 and season 6 although received the confirmation, but still the dates arent around the corner. Season 5 can come out sometime in 2021, following the season 6 in 2022.

Season 6 will feature the present day scenario of the royal family of England.