For those who don’t know, the dark crystal: Age of Resistance is the name of the American web tv series. Netflix has produced the show along with The Jim Henson Company. This show is related to the 1982 movie called The Dark Crystal. The series is developed by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews. Louis Leterrier has directed the series. It has only one season till now with 10 episodes. Each episode was about 46 minutes to an hour-long. The producer for the show is Ritamarie Perugia.

What is the show about?

The vents of this series are set on the backdrop of the planet There. The three Gelflings named Rian, Brea, and Deet are the protagonists. They are the reason behind a rebellion which is created because they discover some secrets of the rulers. The rulers are called the Skeksis. The characters have to deal with the threat that can cause the extinction of their entire planet. The series has managed to get a rating of eight. The fans are eager for the second part.

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What about the second season?

Unfortunately, there are no updates relating to the second season of the show. The first season was released this year and the show became a success quickly. The Rotten Tomatoes has awarded the show with a rating of 88% fresh. Such a great success would certainly imply that the show deserves a second season.

But the entire world is in a crisis right now and the entertainment industry is no exception. There cannot be any official statements in the midst of the pandemic. The fans will have to make their peace with this delay brought on by the coronavirus. The creators of the show have already revealed in an interview that they are looking forward to the next season. All that is remained to be decided is the release date. A possible release date might be in the month of October in the next year.

The earlier cast is expected to make a return if the second season gets made.