The Devil All The Time

Robert Pattinson has been out of the spotlight for a while but now he is back with a bang. He always makes memorable entrances. For example, take the case of the movie “The King”. He came into the movie mid-way with long tresses and a twisted smile. Pattinson was memorable as a flyweight troublemaker the Dauphin of France. In his recent movie “The Devil All The Time”, he is expected to create his magic again.

This is a movie filled with crime and violence which is set in the time period of 1957 to 1965. In this new film, the viewers will get to see Pattinson as a preacher. This brilliant Netflix movie is expected to create Oscar buzz. Robert Pattinson is not the only famous name in the cast, Tom Holland is in there too. The movie is adapted from a novel with the same name, written by Donald Ray Pollock.

Who is involved in the film?

As mentioned before Robert takes up the role of a preacher called Preston Teagardin. Tom Holland plays the main character named Arvin Russell. The other members of the cast include Bill Skarsgard (IT), Sebastian Stan (Avengers), Mia Wasikowska, Eliza Scanlen (Sharp Objects), Jason Clarke, and Haley Benett. Antonio Campos is the director of the movie. Cinephiles may know his name because of his 2016 film called “Christine”. It was about a depressed reporter who ultimately commits suicide.

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What is the story?

The book “The Devil All The Time” tells a story about the Russell family living in the Knockemstiff town. The story is famous for all the blood and gore, even depictions of animal sacrifice and murder. The story has a terrifying beginning as it features a World War veteran returning from the Pacific Island with the memory of a soldier being skinned alive. But as the story progresses from the life of the war veteran, his family is also seen to be surrounded by dark nightmares and they also suffer pain equal to combat in a war.

The movie is rated R and it has a runtime of 138 minutes.