The Dragon Prince Season 4

Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond have created an animated fantasy series called “The Dragon Prince” which premiered on Netflix. The show is produced by Wonderstorm. Villada Spangsberg and Giancarlo Volpe have directed the show. They released the first season back in 2018 followed by the second season in 2019. The third season was released in November 2019 and fans are still waiting for the fourth installment. Season 1 was a big hit and critics have praised it considerably.

Aaron Prune (IGN)  thought that the series did a good job of depicting dark elements while giving the audience some lovable characters for engagement. The show has also been praised for its inclusivity, as some of the characters happen to be black.  Along with racial inclusion, the goofy humor and scope for character development will succeed in capturing the attention. “The Dragon Prince” has won an award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series.

What is the story about?

The show is set in the fictional world of Xadia. The continent is enriched with magic. The source of the magic happens to be the six primary elements of the Earth namely, Sun, Moon, Ocean, Earth, Sky, and Stars. Initially, Humans and elves of Xadia coexisted in peace. But the peace didn’t last as humans began to engage in dark magic. As a result of their actions, Humans were banished to the west of the continent and an enormous river of lava separated the two portions.

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Almost 1200 years later, the human king and his advisor murder the King of Dragons and destroy his heir too. Seeking revenge, the Elf assassins try to kill the king as well as his heir, Ezran. When it is discovered that the Dragon King’s heir’s egg has not been destroyed, the prince tries to return it in order to stop the war. But after the assassination of King Harrow (the human king),  his advisor has other plans.

What about the next seasons?

There is splendid news for the fans,  they renewed the show for four more seasons. So that means there is a lot more story to tell. The upcoming seasons will have nine episodes each. Fans have been highly committed to the series and Ehasz has expressed gratitude for them in an interview. But the news of renewal is all we have right now, there’s no date for the release of season 4 yet.