The Duchess Season 1

Anyone who is a fan of Katherine Ryan will be pumped up for her next comedy project “ The Duchess”. The much-awaited show will be making its debut on Netflix. The expectations are high as the actress/writer has been toiling over this particular project for quite some time now. The most known series right now, which is focused on the royals, would be “The Crown”. This isn’t a show that could rival it, it is not even trying to be in the same lane. The British would term this show as a bit of cheeky good fun. Hopefully, the saucy show will not disappoint the audience.

What is the plot of the show?

“The Duchess” focuses on a single mother, who is very melodramatic and dresses according to her personality. She has a daughter named Olive and shares a close bond with her. But, Katherine also has a deep-rooted fear of commitment. She still decides to have a second child. The only problem in her way is that she cannot stand her ex.

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Who is involved with “The Duchess”?

As said before, the show will have the Canadian actress Katherine Ryan. She is also serving as an executive producer and a writer of the show. This actress is quite famous in the UK as she has hosted UK panels and has taken part in many comedy shows too. Namely, Katherine has been involved in Roast Battle and Your Face Or Mine, etc. She also has two stand up specials, which are conveniently available on Netflix for those who want to check out her work. The specials like “Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room” and “Katherine Ryan: In Trouble” will help the audience to get familiar with her particular brand of sense of humor before they start binging on The Duchess.

Katherine has confessed to the media before that this show will be based loosely on her own life. The Duchess will bear similarity with respect to her personality as well as her stage persona. Obviously, all things in the show are not true, nonetheless, it will make up for an interesting watch.

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When will the show release?

The audience will not have to wait long for this show. The Duchess will be premiering on 11th September 2020 on Netflix.