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The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 4: Release Date and Other Details!!!



The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 4

The Duke of Death and His Maid: The Death Duke and His Maid‘ is a romantic paranormal comedy taken from Koharu Inoue’s manga book. This play is followed by a young duke called Bachchan, who is sadly cursed by the capacity to destroy any living creature he encounters.

Know About The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 4:

Episode 4 will be released on July 25, 2021. One can watch the episode (in Japan) is on Tokyo MX, BS11, and ytv.

The program is hosted by Yoshinobu Yamakawa, director of the J.C.Staff Japanese animation company. The duty of character creation was undertaken by Michiru Kuwabata, while Hideki Shirane headed the writers.

Funimation in Ireland, in the US, in Britain, Canada, and in several South American nations offers the ‘Duke of Death and his Maid.’ The series is available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish subtitles on the website.

What happened till now on The Duke of Death and His Maid?

Episode 3 includes a visit of Alice and Duke to a fair in which they play the piano to console a forlorn kid. Eventually, Alice and Bocchan start enjoying one another, only to be upset by Duke since he can’t reach her on a date. Then they travel to a watercraft, where Alice goes into the sea, to see a meteor fall.

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They enjoy some hours alone there, becoming closer. While Alice requests a peck to deceive and drop the Duke in the sea, Bachchan is hesitant and rejects. In all the mess the meteor shower is missing and the duke is angry, because he intended to express his emotions for her.

But Alice can tell him that they’re getting time whenever the next meteor shower comes to pass and that he may attempt again.

What can we expect from Episode 4 of The Duke of Death and His Maid?

Episode 4 allows the Duke and his maid, who reminisce of the wonderful winters when they spent time free of fear of curses, to revisit their former experiences.

Spectators may also discover more about the parents of Duke and how their connection was when they were kids.

The voiceovers of The Duke of Death and His Maid:

  • Duke of Death by Natsuki Hanae.
  • Alice Lendrott by Alice Lendrott.
  • Rob by Hōchū Ōtsuka.
  • Viola by Inori Minase.
  • Walter by Yuma Uchida.
  • Caph by Wakana Kuramochi.
  • Zain by Hiroshi Kamiya.
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