The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 18

By now every household is familiar with the name of Ellen DeGeneres. She is the host of the American talk show which is named after her. The first season of Ellen’s show was released way back in 2003, and since then this talk show was gradually increased in popularity. The show has managed to win 61 Daytime Emmy Awards. Which is way more then the Oprah Winfrey Show managed to bag. Ellen’s show is also the winner of 17 People’s Choice Awards. We have 17 seasons of the talk show for now and each episode has a runtime of about 40 minutes. The coronavirus pandemic has obviously played a role in the schedule of release for the next season, but fans can rest easy because the show will definitely return to their screens.

What is the show about?

The Ellen show is a mixture of the elements of comedy, musical guests, celebrities. The show often offers a spotlight to the human interest stories. To make things more fun, the Ellen show also invites participants for different games and they also win prizes at the end. The show has gained popularity throughout the years and now, it is not even possible to fit all the audience into the studio. Ellen also has a couple of catchphrases and recurring elements.

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What about season 18?

Initially, the new season was supposed to come out on 9th September of this year but the release date has been pushed back. A plausible reason for the delay may be the workplace scandal that has surfaced recently. Most of the crew members have been treated badly by the top producers of the show during the uncertainty of the pandemic. The delay is only for a week, for those who are wondering. The new season will now premiere on the 14th of September 2020.