The Expanse Season 4

At the start of the fifth season, these characters will be left behind at the end of The Expanse Season 4. The main spoiler is located at the front.

As the fourth season of The Expanse begins, the characters of the series stand at the crossroads of a bold and vast New World. This is a marriage in heaven. He was bigger, smoother, bolder, more fragile, but just as deep, rich and complex as before.
As Season 5 prepares for the finale, I remember the ups and downs, records, results, battles, strikes and tricks of Season 4. We start with preparation and look at the most important places / groups that cause seasonal disintegration and planetary destruction. Obviously there’s a big spoiler ahead.

In The Beginning

The third season opens a mysterious ring door, followed by 1,300 residential systems. Holden fears the outbreak of a bloody gold rush. These fears are shared by Chrisjen Avarasala, UN Secretary General (Shohreh Aghdashlu), who wants everyone to stay where they are.
The UN position is supported by the Congress of the Republic of Mars (MCR) and many Belters. The balance between peace and power in the solar system is uncertain, and massive escapes can shake human civilization. Also, no group wants other groups to rush to take the lead.

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IIus/ New Terra

When Rocinante arrived in Ilus (the Nova Terra the UN wanted), there was already a noticeable tension and distrust between Belter’s team and Edward Israel. The RCE shuttle was killed and injured when it crashed off route. The survivor of the accident was the leader of the group (the brutal Adolph Murray Byrne Gorman). Security Officer RCE Chandra Way (Jess Salgueiro); Etc. Biologist Dr. Alvy Okoye (Lindy Greenwood). The violence will end when all of the newly identified protomolecule-based alien worms overflow.


The survivors are allocated into two factions once inside: RCE on one aspect, belters on the other, and Holden and Amos about in between. They quickly discovered that the structure was filled with thousands of neurotoxic alien snails and hostile microbes.
Everyone except Holden was blinded after being infected by the microbe. Many succumb to the deadly touch of a snail. During this time, Mu Tri, who has become more concerned, reveals to her group her true purpose as Illus / Nova Terra. He is not looking for lithium, but proto-molecular technology. He also wanted to kill Holden and Amos.