the expanse season 6

We’ve seen the unlikely Rosinante family go on adventure after adventure in the growing solar system and beyond, and after the big drama of the newly released fifth season of The Expanse, everyone is wondering the same thing: where are Holden, Naomi, and Bobby. ? then the pimples go away ??? Will they finally understand how this ancient alien species created protomolecules? Will people on Earth, Mars, and in the Belt end up colonizing the new planet? Will Kristen Avasarala finally become the queen of the universe as he should be? Sure, all of these questions will be answered over the next season, but will the show return for a new chapter? And if so, then what?

Is The Expanse Season 6 Updated??

Yes! Amazon Prime continues the show for season six before the premiere of season five.

When will season six premiere?

There is no release date for the sixth season of The Expanse yet, but the show is rumored to start on January 20. That could mean another December premiere of the show, which Amazon has consistently done since taking overproduction.

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About Season 6

If you don’t want spoilers for season five of the show, we suggest you skip this part, but most of Babylon’s ashes are centered around the conflict between the newly created Free Fleet, which consists of the Belter Fleet, and an unstable Coalition between Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt. When the Free Fleet turns their attention to destroying the Colony’s ships aimed at the World of the Ring, and who but Rosinante’s ragged crew can save them?


All of the lead actors from previous seasons will return – including Stephen Straight as James Holden, Tipper, Wes Chatham as Amon Burton, Shore Agdashlu as Krisen Avasarala, and Frankie Adams as Bobby Draper. Cass Anwar, who played Mars pilot Alex Kamal for the first five seasons and was disappointingly the subject of a series of sexual abuse allegations that were investigated in the summer of 2020, will not return. Amazon hasn’t said whether its role will be overhauled.
Naren Shankar, the runner from the start, will come back too.