the gift season 2

Netflix has a unique supernatural thriller called “The Gift” for viewers to get obsessed with. As far as Turkish series go, the gift is the second Turkish series to get a platform on Netflix, the first one being “The Protector”. The Gift is inspired by a novel called “The Awakening of The World” by Sengul Boyba. Ozan Aciktan and Gonenc Uyanik have directed the series.

This show serves a rare treat to its audience, it gives a glimpse of the rich history of Turkey. It will be foolish to compare this show with any other supernatural show. The Gift gives its viewers knowledge about the oldest temples as well as the lost symbols. Horror fans fell in love with the first season of “The Gift”. Now, the audience is excited about the next season.

When will season 2 release?

The first season of the Gift was released on 27th December of 2019. Netflix released all of the eight episodes on the same day. It was a treat for all the binge-watchers for sure. The first season left the fans with a lot of questions so there is a high chance of season 2 happening. Secondly, if we take the nature of Turkish shows into consideration, they are known to go on for years.

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And as expected, the network has renewed the series and a second season is confirmed. The new installment of the Gift will come out on 10th September of this year. The wait is finally over!

What is the story about?

The series is focused on a young painter named Atiye. She comes from a good family and seemingly has a perfect life. Her career is taking off too as she is getting the chance of hosting her first solo exhibit. Her life is unsettled when she meets a famous archeologist named Erhan. This event is the beginning of all her nightmares. The show takes the viewers into a mysterious journey involving secret symbols and Atiye’s past.