The God of High School Episode 13

This anime is an absolute clutter. It could become one of the greatest anime this year. The action and animation are captivating; the theme music is phenomenal; almost everyone enjoys and appreciates the manhwa. Every resource was available in front of the producers; they just had to be faithful to the manhwa. This anime will be among the best in the league regarding pure action. However, if you watched 12 chapters, nothing would make a logical difference to you in detail. The anime’s only redeeming feature thus far is its action. No matter what a colossal mess this is, for what a circus show it is, you will return for another episode.  But the conversation about that is enough, lets examine at what happened throughout the show.

With the final episode coming out next week, The God Of High School Season 1 is coming to an end and everyone is already waiting for season 2. 

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A closer look at episode 12

Those who have not watched the 12th episode, we have got you covered. The participant of Nox(Sang Mandeok) unveils that the moment has arrived for purging. He summoned the god he desired, too. This is the final act that will demolish the whole world. We can see the throwback of Jaegal and his mother. Jaeger was detached from his mom and was hired by an agency because of his capabilities and how Jaegal was granted his abilities.

And we cut to Jaegal vs. Ilpyo, after this. Since Ilpyo was furious at the incidents that just took place and transformed into a monster entirely, Jaegal used his loaned strength. Referees were battling all the creatures and were striking them. In the meantime, Mujin was fighting to block the attack. Jin and the gang arrived on the scene, and they were stunned. He was crushing Jaegal with rage, but Jeagal’s loaned strength ate Ilpyo and retrieved the key from him. Jaegal was heading to have the key while it was taken away by a monster. The key managed to land with Sang, but Jin snatched it away from him. Ilpyo has been badly wounded.

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When and where can you steam the 13th episode? 

On Crunchyroll and VRV, you can stream the episode and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will aid the anime creators. The anime can also be streamed on MuseAsia’s official Youtube channel. Episode 10 of God Of High School will be released on September 28, 2020. Each Monday, a new episode is released if there is no delay or schedule change.