The Great British Bake-Off

This show is also known by its abbreviation Gbbo. It is a brilliant baking competition broadcast on British television. Love Productions have produced this show in which a number of amateur bakers come together to participate in a competition. They all try to impress the panel of judges with their cooking skills. Each round results in an elimination of a contestant and finally the winner is picked out from the group of finalists. This series has been going o for a long time and we have about 10 seasons of it.

Andy Devonshire has directed the show for a few years and then Scott Tankard took over. The show made its debut on 17th August 2010. The first four seasons came out on BBC Two. But then the show gained a lot of popularity so BBC Two shifted the show to BBC One. The show has a total of 94 episodes till now with the addition of 28 special episodes.

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This series is beloved by the audience and is often praised for reigniting interest in baking in the UK and Ireland. Many shops had opened after this series enhanced the popularity. After this show, the sale of baking instruments and ingredients had increased significantly. The winner of the competitions has later gone and opened their own bakeries.
The initial reaction for this show was a bit of a mixed response. A reviewer form “The Guardian” had said that the show was quite humorless. But the later seasons were more well-received. The critics praised the later series.

When will the new season come out?

The new eleventh season will reach our screens on 22nd September 2020. Netflix will have the episodes of the show from 25th September will each Friday bringing in new episodes. There is also a trailer available so go have a look. This show has a devoted fan following who have been watching this baking series for over a decade. They will definitely be glad to see the new episodes.