the healing powers of dude Season 2

Erica Spates and Sam Littenberg-Weisberg have created the American comedy series called “The Healing Powers Of The Dude”. The show made its debut on Netflix on 13th January 2020. Till now, we only have one season with eight episodes. The fans are questioning whether the streaming giant Netflix will greenlight the show for another season or not. This show features a teenage boy who has anxiety disorders and this family drama is slowly growing more popular. The first season has already been released in January this year.

What is the show about?

The show focuses on Noah Harries and the several challenges he faces when he is thrust into a new environment. Noah had transitioned from homeschooling to Roosevelt Middle School and he has to adjust to his new surroundings. Noah has the assistance of a pet dog named Dude, who gives him a lot of emotional support. He ends up making two charismatic friends called Amara and Simon. Noah’s family also urges him to go to a Halloween party that is hosted by his crush Valerie.

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The show has an abundance of G-rated humor content which is because of Noah’s entertaining inner monologues. This is a heartwarming show which deals with facing the insecurities, which we all have to some extent.

What about season 2?

Netflix has not announced anything related to the “ The Healing Powers of Dude” yet. Even though the first season has been released just a few months back, fans are already gearing up for another season. We definitely hope to see 11-year-old Noah back on our screens. If Netflix is going to follow its previous schedules, the word of renewal or cancellation will be announced very soon. The show is filled with positive messages and the audience seems to love it, so there is no reason for Netflix to cancel the series. We all need content that encourages our younger generations to accept and treasure diversity. If the series is renewed, then Netflix might come out with the new episodes sometime around next year. Our guess is season two might release around the month of January 2021.