Erica Spates nad Sam Littenberg-Weisberg have created the television series called “Healing Powers of Dude”. This show made its debut on 13th January 2020. It has only one season till now with eight episodes in total. The team of executive producers includes Erica Spates, Sam Littenberg Weisberg, Richie Keen, and Dan Lubetkin. Chris Phillips happens to be the producer of this series. This is a brilliant series that follows a young boy suffering from an anxiety disorder.

What is the story about?

The Healing Powers of Dude focuses on a young boy named Noah Ferris who will have to manage his life as he shifts from home school to an actual public Middle school. The school he will go to is called the Roosevelt middle school. Noah will have to face new problems as he adjusts to a new environment. He had a dog for emotional support and he named him “Dude”. Noah happens to make friends with two other charismatic kids named Amara and Simon. Noah’s family is incredibly supportive of him and his parents along with his sister try to get him to attend the upcoming Halloween party. As it happens, the said party will be hosted by Noah’s secret crush Valerie.

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Dude’s inner monologues are the strong point for this show as they are truly funny. The depiction of Noah’s anxiety is done through scary and surrealistic situations, which provides a nice contrast to the humor. At the end of season 1 has Noah and his friend face their respective insecurities. But the finale also has bad news for the mischievous Dude.

Will the series be renewed?

There is no recent news about the renewal of this series. The first season of this show was just released this year so it is a bit early to except news about the second installment right now. There have been no reports about its renewal or it’s cancellation. But if we had to make a guess, we would say that the second season might come out on the 11th of January 2021.