The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 11: Release Date and Other Updates!!!

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 11: As soon as they announced the event, Heidi and Spencer invited the rest of the group to come along as well. It was the couple’s finances that forced them to sell their gems, despite Spencer’s attachment to them. So, that’s basically what’s going on in the show. If you are engrossed in the show and are eagerly waiting for episode 11 of “The Hills: New Beginnings“, then we have got a piece of good news for you.

Below is the release date and other details of the upcoming episode of the hit show.

Know About The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 EP 11 Release Date:

Episode 11 will be aired on July 28, 2021, on MTV. The fans need to wait every Wednesday for a new episode. One can also watch the episodes on Paramount+.

What can we expect from The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 11?

In the following episode, Kaitlynn will find a method to deliver the news about her maternity to her ex-husband, Brody. Audrina will give a listen to his worries. Brandon loses his calm about his troubles with Dani at Heidi and Spencer’s “crystal” getaway.

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What happened in episode 10 of The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2?

As Heidi and Spencer reflected on their financial plan in the tenth episode of season 2, they found they really were behind. Financial problems plagued the couple’s joint company enterprise Pratt Daddy Crystals. It was her advice that they trade all of their gems and save the money they make. A sea of crystals sprawled out beneath the sunlight was the next activity we witnessed the pair doing on Instagram.

On top of that, Pratt Daddy welcomed the bunch to a sales camp where they could soak up nice vibes, which was something they truly needed. As soon as Brody made his declaration, he appeared at the dinner party with a new girl, which surprised Audrina.

Since the previous several days, he hadn’t phoned or texted her at all. She jumped in nonetheless, despite Kaitlynn’s warnings. As for Caroline, she hosted a big grand opening for Pizza Girl, and Kaitlynn revealed that she was expecting before the celebration finished.

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Brandon and Dani’s romance remained to be fraught with issues. Dani was concerned by Brandon’s exgirlfriend’s at a party recently they both went to. Brandon says she shouldn’t be uncomfortable in the first place, given how long they’ve been together.