The Holiday Movies That Made Us

The Holiday Movies That Made Us is an upcoming Christmas episode of the Netflix documentary series. The holiday Movies That Made Us, which will premiere on December 1, 2020. The genre of the series is Documentary and it had 2 episodes only.

The Plotline

This in-depth look at two iconic holiday films
1) Elf” and
2) “The Nightmare Before Christmas”)
That uses behind-the-scenes footage and interviews for the cast and crew. This show will premiere on Netflix this year in December.

Release Date

The show is scheduled to be released on 1st December 2020 on the streaming platform Netflix. Till now we have received only these updates about the show “The Holiday Movies that made Us” Now, let’s have a look over the Show “The Movie that made us” from which the sequel “The Holiday Movies that made Us” Had Come. The Movies That Made Us is an American documentary web TV series. Directed by Brian Volk-Weiss and a twist on “The Toys That Made Us”. The debut season of the new series’ features four episodes. That dedicated to the popular films of the 80s and 90s and tells the stories behind them.
The first four episodes of the series premiere on Netflix on November 29, 2019. The second season, which includes all holiday films, will premiere on December 1, 2020.

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Major Characters in The Movie

• Donald Ian Black as Narrator
• Jennifer Julian
• William Atherton
• Richard Edlund
• Thaine Morris
• Mark Stetson

About The Movie

According to Brian Volk-Weiss, the show’s director, he wanted to create something that reflected the atmosphere of the party but was different from the rest. So he decided to create a series that would capture the whole mind and bring it to mind. “The Movies That Made Us” takes films from one “Generational”. And then describes how the film was made and how much influence it had on popular culture. Season 1 of the show focuses on four similar phrases – “Dirty Dancing”, “Die Hard”, “Home Alone” and “Ghostbusters”.

Almost like “The Toys That Made Us” in terms of format, synergy, theme, and genre. The Movies That Made Us reinforces the same dose of nostalgia as its predecessor. The concept for this event was created in July 2019. And, fans with the original title are delighted that the show is finally taking place. If we focus on the 80s, which has become a kind of trend. It will touch all the keys of our memory and will definitely force us to open up that dusty old DVD collection.