The Irregular At Magic High School

Before Tatsuya escaped and found that Angelina was fighting a vampire with a black mask and defeated the vampire with one shot. After the villain is eliminated, the two characters point their weapons at each other.

Due to this power, Tatsuya managed to expose Angelina, who was known as the undercover commander for his organization. Angelina was surprised to see how Tatsuya managed to find out his true identity. Meanwhile, Tatsuya revealed his true identity.

Release Date

Season 2 Episode 5 of “The Irregular at Magic High School” will be released on Sunday, 18 October 2020 at 12:30 JST. Watch this anime officially at AnimeLab.

About Season 2 Episode 4

Angie attacked Tatsuya and created an illusion. He managed to read all their movements. Evading their attacks, he noticed that their camouflage was originally based on appearance, but now based on position. Tatsuya decided to disrupt the parade. He had to destroy the illusion and attack the main body before a new illusion could take shape. He also thought of finding the coordinates and attack of the main body. With the help of an idea without relying on his senses.

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Angie attacked by throwing two illusory daggers which Tatsuya blocked. The two of them started exchanging blows, and Tatsuya outsmarted him and kill him on the ground. Angie tells him that she prefers a romantic approach. Since the mask was still on, Tatsuya decided to take it off. Angie noticed this and summoned a dagger so she wouldn’t see his face.
Tatsuya did not block his attack and managed to expose it, causing him to scream. She wakes up with him and the police around him and pushes him towards them. Tatsuya said it was time to end the play. And apologized for his rudeness by showing his position to the police. Angie reveals that she is the commander-in-chief of the star magician Angelina Sirius.
He says Angie Sirius is the name he still uses in transformations. He told Tatsuya that he knew his true identity. Before deciding on the collision, he went to his sister, who appeared with his master Yakumo. He kissed her forehead and made her fight Angie. They took part in an intense fight and Tatsuya Breck asked them to stop the fight. He told them he was doing this because he saw that the “no killing rule” would be broken.

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Season 2 Episode 5 Preview

This can give us a preview along with updates for the next episode. We’ll be back with more updates for this anime.