The irregular at magic high school

‘The irregular at magic high school’ is a Japanese action and fantasy anime series. The series is the adaptation of a Japanese manga, ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’.  Manabu Ono is the director of the anime.  The creators announced the adaptation of the anime during the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival on October 6, 2013. The show released on Tokyo MX, and Tochigi TV on April 6, 2014.

‘The irregular at magic high school’ later began streaming on the OTT streaming platform, Netflix. Apart from the anime adaptation of the story, the manga got adapted for a videogame title as well. Bandai Namco Entertainment on December 25, 2014, released, The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order. This game was compatible with PS Vita. It is a 3-D fighting game. Later, other segments of the game came out for different platforms.

‘The irregular at magic high school’, Plot

Tatsuya Shiba is the lead of the story. He belongs to the Yotsuba clan. This clan is one of the most influential magical clans of Japan. It is one of the ten clans who govern the magicians of Japan. Tatsuya’s sister, Miyuki Shiba is the candidate to become the leader of the Yotsuba clan. So he decides to become the bodyguard of her sister. The show features the world after world war 3. The population has reduced to approximately 3 million. These magical organizations work with the government to check on the magicians.

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They both decide to get themselves enrolled in a magic school. In this school, the students are segregated according to their magical potency. Miyuki Shiba gets amongst the most powerful magicians. However, her brother, Tatsuya Shiba could not make the place. Though he is not a good wizard, his combat skills and technology skills are commendable.

Release date of season 2

The show is under production for sure. The producers have confirmed this news that season 2 will be coming out. However, the original date of the release of the show is in July 2020. But, COVID-19 pandemic pushed back the dates. As of now, we have no updates on the new release dates. But, we are hoping that the second season of the show will come out in later 2020.