The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom is a historical fantasy TV series. The series is the adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novels. Chrissy Skinns is the producer of the show. The show premiered on 10 October 2015 on BBC America. Later OTT streaming platform Netflix acquired the streaming rights of the show. The Last Kingdom premiered on 19 November 2018. The show managed to maintain a huge loyal fan base and viewership as well. Looking at the success of the show, the producers decided to renew the show, over time. The latest season, the fourth part of the show released recently on 26 April 2020.

The Last Kingdom Plot

The story revolves around in the pre-historic era of England. In that era, England gets divided into seven segments, known as Heptarchy. The Vikings, start plundering these segments and conquer every segment, but one. They somehow are unable to capture the Kingdom of Wessex. Uhtred of Bebbanburg is the protagonist of the story. He is the Earl of ruled Bebbanburg and Northumbria. When, Ælfhelm of York, gets murdered in 1006, Uhtred the Bold becomes the earl of a united Northumbria. He fights loyally, beside the Anglo-Saxons against the Danes and with Edmund Ironside. Uhtred of Bebbanburg gets renamed as Uhtred, after the death of Uhtred in a battle. The show is full of action and plot twists. The Last Kingdom promises to keep the viewers glued to the screens.

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Updates

The show managed to score 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. It managed to maintain a huge viewership base.
Looking at the success of the show, the producers renewed the show. The season 4 released recently on 26 April 2020. The creators have already renewed the show for the fifth season as well. However, due to the COVID pandemic, the production is under a halt. There is no official announcement on the dates of the release as of now.
The show generally comes out in an 18-months cycle. So, we can expect the new season to release sometime in mid-2021.

The Last Kingdom Cast

Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg
David Dawson as King Alfred
Tobias Santelmann as Ragnar the Younger
Emily Cox as Brida
Adrian Bower as Leofric
Thomas W. Gabrielsson as Guthrum
Simon Kunz as Odda the Elder
Harry McEntire as Aethelwold
Rune Temte as Ubba
Joseph Millson as Aelfric
Brian Vernel as Odda the Younger
Amy Wren as Mildrith
Charlie Murphy as Queen Iseult
Ian Hart as Beocca
Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith
Thure Lindhardt as Guthred