The Last Word Season 2

The Last word is a german series which has come out this year. This drama series has only one season till now with a total of six episodes. Each episode runs for about half an hour to 49 minutes. The show premieres on Netflix and tells the story of a woman who decides to be a professional eulogist. She takes his decision after the death of her husband. “The Last Word” is created by the talented Aron Lehmann and Carlos V. irmscher. The woman in the show tries to get a grip on her own sorrow by trying to her other grieving families. She also manages to break every rule of funerals while shes at it. The show is classified as a comedy-drama, and it is successful in making you cry as well as laugh.

What about season 2 of “The Last Word”?

The first season f the Last Word came out on 17th September 2020 and It made its debut on Netflix. Even though there is no official news about the second installment yet, one can hold out hope for the next edition s the format of the show can certainly support it. The theme of the show remains the same with every episode telling a different story of grief with witty narrative infused in them. Such a format is advantageous for the makers as they can take the story in different directions now.

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Furthermore, Netflix seems to have established an interest in German originals lately, and the fans of “The Last Word” can still hope for a second season. If Netflix allows the show to continue, the second season might come out next year in the month of September.

Who will be in the cast?

The show has an amazing cast and they are expected to return if there is a second season In the cards.

  • Natalia del Riego as Judith
  • Anke Engelke as Karla Fazius
  • Claudia Geisler-Bading as Frauke Borowski
  • Nina Gummich as Judith Fazius
  • Aaron Hilmer as Ronnie Borowski